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Advocates for Youth and Health Development (AYHD) is a youth led membership based non-governmental, non partisan, non-profit making Organization for attitudinal re-orientation, Peacebuilding, human rights promotion & protection and health development for youths, women and children through capacity building, advocacy, litigation, research and documentation. We also work to influence policies that affect our target group at all levels.



1.   Provide women and youth with professional and skills that are in demand in targeted communities in order to reduce poverty, human rights violations, prevent GBV, access to information etc;

2.   Foster cultural understanding, religious tolerance, peace-building, conflict resolution, management and transformation;

3. Through advocacy engage in comprehensive health development programmes for women and youth on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, create awareness on HIV/AIDS, increase the utilization of modern family planning methods, safe abortion and maternal mortality eradication;

4. To educate and enlighten young people and women on advocacy strategies and how to engage with decision makers in the formulation of public policy and other decision making processes;

5. Active engagement with decision makers in advocacy around our focus areas;

6.  To network with other NGOs with similar objectives at local and international levels.